EBTA congress 2020 postponed
to September 22-25 2021
due to current pandemic situation

Intervention: intensive or not?
That is the question.

EBTA Congress 2020

European Bobath Tutor Association Congress 2020

National Tutor Organisation: ASEND/SAKENT · Swiss Association for Teaching Neuro-Developmental Therapy according to Bobath.

9·12 September 2020, 22-25 September 2021, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland

7·9 September 2020, 20-22 September 2021, EBTA Senior Tutor Workshop, La Cassagne, Lausanne

Conference Host

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at the Biennial EBTA Congress 2020 to be held for the first time in Switzerland at CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois- University Hospital Centre Vaud) in Lausanne from 9th to 12th September 2020 22th to 25th September 2021.

The European Bobath Tutors Association is a network of Bobath teaching teams, comprising over 200 Bobath Tutors. EBTA’s tasks are to set, maintain and update standards of Bobath courses across Europe. Additionally, EBTA has a mandate to encourage and implement therapy research and encourage EBTA tutors to help in developing countries.

Bobath/NDT offers an individualized holistic way of observation, analysis and treatment of people with Cerebral palsy delivered by expert physio, occupational and speech therapists in collaboration with medical doctors.

Bobath Concept focuses on maximising the potential of children and adults with Cerebral palsy and neurological conditions in their own family / school / social environment.

We are part of a large network of therapists working together with families, school teachers, caregivers, psychologists, medical doctors in neurology, rehabilitation, paediatricians, orthopaedics and colleagues who produce specialized technology and equipment.

EBTA Conferences aim to provide transdisciplinary scientific education for Bobath/NDT therapists and medical doctors. However, all professionals working with people who have Cerebral Palsy and their families, and adults who have this condition, who are interested in the Bobath approach are welcome to join the congress.

The program will be complemented with a professional exhibition, offering companies and agencies a unique opportunity to show their latest products and discuss ideas for the future.

We are sure that this network involved in Cerebral Palsy and developmental disorders will benefit from this Conference.

That is why we are delighted to welcome you to our Congress, and are sure that we will all benefit from this exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Scientific Committee


Leonor Antonietti Barujel
PT Bobath Senior Tutor
Fondation Dr Combe.
Responsible Training Bobath Suisse Romande
Swiss Association of Education
Neuro-developemental Asend
Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr Myriam Bickle Graz
Neonatology department,
Development Unit
Woman-Mother-Child department
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Lausanne, Switzerland

Professor Bernard Dan
Paediatric neurologist and professor of neuroscience
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Rehabilitation hospital Inkendaal
Brussels, Belgium

Dr Corinna Gerber
Research manager Woman-Mother-Child department
Paediatric Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Unit
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois CHUV
Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr Cécile Holenweg-Gross
Paediatric Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Unit
Woman-Mother-Child department
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Chief Doctor, Fondation Dr Combe
Lausanne, Switzerland

Petra Marsico
PT MSc & PhD cand.
Rehabilitation centre for children and young children
Children’s Hospital Zurich, Zurich
Program Leader of the Diploma of Advanced Studies Neurodevelopmental Treatment
University BaselBasel, Switzerland

Dr Christopher Newman
Chief physician
Paediatric Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Unit
Woman-Mother-Child department
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Lausanne, Switzerland


Dr Tali Ashkenazi
PhD PT Bobath Senior Tutor
President of EBTA
Haifa University
Haifa, Israel

Professor Bernard Dan
Paediatric neurologist and professor of neuroscience
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Rehabilitation hospital Inkendaal
Brussels, Belgium

Keren Tal PhD
OT Bobath Tutor
Haifa, Israel

Dr Margaret J Mayston
Biosciences Division
NPP University College
London, UK

Catharina Van der Walt
M(CommPath) MRCSLT
Bobath Senior
Speech Therapy Tutor
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Mintaze Kerem Gunel, PT, PhD, Prof.
Hacettepe University, Faculty of Physical Therapy And  Rehabilitation,  Department of Cerebral Palsy and Pediatric Rehabilitation, Ankara, Turkey

Organisation committee

M. Alban Resin, Director, Fondation Dr Combe
Mme Sandrine Balog Sob, HR, Fondation Dr Combe
Mme Ingrid Virnot, Physiotherapist, Fondation Dr Combe
Mme Leonor Antonietti, Coordinator EBTA Congress 2020
M. Gerald Howard, Lausanne Montreux Congress

Program & Schedule

Important Schedules

From 20th to 22th september 2021
September 22th 14:00- 18:00
EBTA Senior Tutor Workshop
OT and ST tutor meeting La Cassagne Lausanne
22 september 2021
23 september 2021
24 september 2021
25 september 2021

Entire Program

Download the Timetable in PDF

Call for abstract submission
Deadline 10th April 2021
Download guidelines Submit your paper


09:1509:20Welcome / introduction
09:2010:00Opening key notes
10:0010:45Intensive intervention: What? How?  Why?
Dr Margaret J Mayston AM
Division Biosciences, NPP
University College London
Gower St
London, WC1E 6BT
11:0011:30 Refreshment break
11:3012:15Intensive stimulation and neuroscience
Professor Bernard Dan
Paediatric neurologist and professor of neuroscience
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Rehabilitation hospital Inkendaal
Brussels, Belgium
13:0014:00 Lunch and Poster viewing
14:0019:00General meeting for EBTA tutors
14:0015:00A pilot study of high dosage Christa Scholtz OT Bobath senior tutor South Africa
15:0016:00Implementing CIMT in infants in the eyes of Bobath. From theory to practice
Dr. Rena Chamudot, Ph.D., MSc, BOT
16:0016:30 Refreshment break
16:3017:30«How to assess trunk control? Let’s go Circus !»
Lieve Heyrman, PT,Phd 
Vanessa van Tittelboom, PT Belgium
Evening Guided City Tour · Optional Activity CHF 12.-
Posters from 9.00 for non tutors
8:0010:00General meeting for EBTA Tutors
10:1511:00Secondary deformities in gait disorders - prevention and treatment
Prof. Brunner Reinald MD Senior Physician Neuro orthopedics & Research Group Leader
Children’s University Hospital Basel (UKBB)
Head of Committee of the Diploma of Advanced Studies
Neurodevelopmental Treatment
University Basel, Switzerland
Ellard van der Molen PT Bobath Rehabilitation centrum Affoltern am Albis, paediatric university Hospital 
11:0011:30 Refreshment break
11:3012:00Evidence-informed management in the treatment of anterior and posterior drooling in children with Cerebral Palsy
Karen van Hulst, PhD SLT, the Netherlands
12:0012:30One deep way of learning «child, parent and therapist teamwork» in Bobath Concept
Leonor Antonietti, PT Bobath Senior Tutor Switzerland
12:3013:00BOBATH Foundation Scale Madrid : Child and adolescent cerebral palsy assesment
Mercedes Cabezas Lopez, psychologist
Bobath Foundation Madrid Spain
13:0014:00 Lunch and Poster viewing
14:0015:15CIMT Vs. Bimanual Therapy in Infants, Is it Just About Intensity?
Dr. Rena Chamudot, Ph.D., MSc, BOT
15:1516:30Free Papers
16:3016:45 Refreshment break
16:4517:30Development and validation of clinical measurement tool for measuring voluntary eye movement in typical infants six months of age
Christa Scholtz, OT Bobath/NDT, Senior Tutor South Africa
19:30 Gala Diner at Chalet Suisse, Lausanne
09:0009:45Varying intervention to maximise participation throughout the lifespan
Christine Barber PT MSC MCSP DSA(CSP)
Bobath Senior Tutor UK
09:4510:30A personalized approach in assessment and intervention of swallowing and feeding in the child with cerebral palsy; observe, classify and improve!
Karen van Hulst, PhD SLT, the Netherlands
10:3011:00 Refreshment break
11:0011:45Intensive therapy in children with bilateral spastic CP - comparing approaches.
Josse DE Cat PT, Bobath Senior Tutor, Leuven Belgium
11:4512:30Round table
Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Capelovitch, PhD, PT, Senior Bobath Tutor, Israel
12:3013:00EBTA President Dr.Tali Ashkenazi PT PhD, Senior , Tutor ,Israel

Registrations & Accreditations

Registrations are open from January 2021


CHF 406

All access
Early Bird
Until 31 july 2021
CHF 350
Last minute
From 01 september 2021
CHF 443
Day pass
23, 24 sept 2021
CHF 210
Half-day pass
Saturday 25 Sept 2021
CHF 60


CHF 200

All access
Early Bird
Until 31 july 2020
CHF 90
Last minute
From 01 september 2020
CHF 220
Day pass
10, 11 sept 2020
CHF 110
Half-day pass
Saturday 12 Sept 2020
CHF 60


CHF 350

All access
Early Bird
Until 31 july 2021
CHF 330
Last minute
From 01 september 2021
CHF 443
Day pass
23, 24 sept 2021
CHF 110
Half-day pass
Saturday 25 Sept 2021
CHF 60


CHF 350

All access
Early Bird
Until 31 july 2021
CHF 330
Last minute
From 01 september 2021
CHF 443
Day pass
23, 24 sept 2021
CHF 210
Half-day pass
Saturday 25 Sept 2021
CHF 60

Categories for accreditation

For any category the organizer reserve the rights to evaluate the subscription request. If there is any doubt, the organiser can contact the potential participant to verify the professional status.

Member delegates

A member delegate is referring to any person that wish to participate to the conference. Example : All therapists PT, OT ST , medical doctors, Spcialized school teachers, caregivers, others


The term student refers to an undergraduate student in the medical, paramedical social and/or pedagogical domain in childcare

A person who is actually into an education programme private or non-private with the aim to finalized a recognized diploma or certificate from the country where the student is settled (the organizer has the right to ask for a copy of an official document for this)


This category represent an official member of the association NDTSWISS. The Organizer will verify the profile of the subscriber in accordance with the NDT association to approve the registration.


This category refers to parents that are member of the «Cerebral» association. Any parents (non member of an association) are welcome to the conference, under the acceptance of the organizer. If interested, please use the contact form below.


Registration and activity fees must be paid for by credit card during the registration process. Payment for hotels will be taken upon check-in on arrival day.

Visa – invitation letter

If you need an invitation letter for visa application procedure, please contact Mrs Angélique Crettenand at Lausanne-Tourisme. You will receive the invitation letter after the registration and payment.

Already registered?

If you wish to come back to your registration, please use your direct login link which is in your email confirmation.

Included in the registration fee:

  • Access to all sessions
  • Exhibition access
  • Lunches, coffee breaks, as indicated in the programme

Not included in the registration fee:

  • Social event – Conference Dinner (from CHF.- 65.00)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • «EBTA Senior Tutor Workshop» prior to the conference

Day Pass & 1/2Daypass

The day pass offers any participant an access to the conferences for one only.
The half-day pass is only available for saturday morning, the 25th september 2021.

Registration cancellation and reimbursement policy

Cancellation should be made by sending a written notice to
All reimbursements will be made after the conference.

  • Before May 31, 2021
    Free of charge less an administration fee of CHF 20.–
  • From May 31, 2021 to June 29, 2021
    Registration will be reimbursed at 50%.
  • From from June 30, 2021
    No fees will be refunded after this date.

Lausanne · Host City

Lausanne · Basic facts

Official language: French. All of the most common languages are understood.
City population: 130 000
Lausanne area population: 350 000
Climate: Mild. No harsh winter. Average annual temperature 14°C/57°F.
Average summer temperature: 24°C/75°F.
Time zone: GMT + 1 (Summer time + 1 = March-October)

Lausanne · Just around the corner

Just 45 minutes from Geneva International Airport by road or rail, Lausanne is easily reachable from all international destinations. And being located at major rail and road interchanges, all of Central Europe is within easy reach.

Lausanne · A landscape city

The city of Lausanne overlooks Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Western Europe, and faces the majestic splendour of the snow-capped Alps. It boasts a backdrop of scenic beauty that is truly breathtaking.

Lausanne · A human city

Home to a population of 130 000 and the hub of a metropolitan area of 350 000, including 80 000 international residents, Lausanne boasts business, cultural, sports and educational facilities that are truly remarkable for a city of its size.

Lausanne · An award winning sustainable city

Lausanne embarked on its path to sustainability in the 1990s by ensuring that all local government services reflected a respect for the environment and the integration of nature into town planning. In 2004, Lausanne’s forward-thinking energy policy enabled it to become the first city to be awarded the European Energy Award Gold, a title that was reconfirmed in 2009.

Lausanne · A conference city

Lausanne’s compact size, perfect accessibility and well-developed infrastructure make it a top choice for international conferences. Not least, its standing is supported by a cosmopolitan, multilingual population and workforce.

Lausanne · How to get there

The city of Lausanne lies in the western part of Switzerland, in very close proximity to France and Italy, in the heart of Central Europe. Located just 40 min by road or rail from Geneva, Lausanne is easy to reach by air through Geneva International Airport.
From many European cities, high speed trains reach Lausanne in a few hours:

  • Grenoble: 2 hours 50 minutes

  • Milan: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Paris: 3 hours 40 minutes

  • Brussels: 6 hours 30 minutes

All Swiss cities are reachable in between 40 minutes and 2.5 hours.

Lausanne · Accommodation opportunities

Although Lausanne is a medium sized city, it is the Olympic capital and is host to a high concentration of multinationals, corporate and federation headquarters. To support these institutions, the city offers a wide range of attractive accommodation options to suit all budgets. For the period of the conference, Lausanne Tourisme can furnish 2000 rooms (250 in 5*, 850 in 4*, 650 in 3* hotels, 250 in other categories). There are 1500 additional rooms in Vevey and Montreux and many others situated between Lausanne and Geneva within 30 minutes of the conference venue.

Learn more about Lausanne EBTA City Host

Venue · CHUV, Lausanne


The Lausanne University Hospital (French: Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois, CHUV), in Lausanne, is one of the five university hospitals in Switzerland.

Also, It is linked to the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

The CHUV’s medical services benefit over 45,000 patients a year with almost 3000 babies are born every year in the obstetrics department.

The university hospital acts as a general university hospital for people living in the Lausanne area, covering all areas of medical treatment. It also serves as a hospital offering acute and specialist care for the whole Canton of Vaud and parts of French-speaking Switzerland.

In 2019, the university hospital was rated as the leading hospital in Switzerland and 9th best hospital in the world by Newsweek Magazine.

Consult the CHUV website for all useful infos

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Who should sponsor this event?

This unique international event due in Switzerland will propose a professional exhibition, offering companies and agencies an exclusive opportunity to take an active part in these fields.

Sponsors, company representatives and professional organizations are cordially invited to participate and to make a valuable contribution to the success of this important international happening and towards achieving the aims of our Congress.

Exhibiting at the EBTA 2020 conference ensures your presence at the foremost international event devoted to of children and adults with cerebral palsy and neurological.

As a corporate partner, you will reach a diverse – and leading – group of scientists, researchers and clinicians from some of the world’s top institutions and have the opportunity to increase your company’s visibility, build your network and ensure your commitment, discoveries, products and solutions are best presented to a global audience of decision makers and key opinion leaders.

Your participation and partnership as a sponsor and/ or exhibitor will associate your brand with a commitment to leadership brainstorming, development, scientific programs and well-informed standardization in our field.

We are expecting over 200 participants from all over Europe and even around the world. Your presence and contributions will enhance the overall scientific value of the Conference.

We look forward to your active participation!

The Organizing Committee, EBTA 2020 Lausanne

If you wish to participate and be an active sponsor and/or exhibitor, you will find detailled information on our official documentation

Contacts · EBTA Congress 2021

EBTA Congress 2020

25·25 SEPTEMBER 2021

If you have any question, please address your messages with this form